Skin Prep

Before Your Tanning Appointment

   Wax, Mani/Pedi & Hair Appointments Should Be Made 24 Hours Before Your Airbrush

   Shower, Shave & Exfoliate Before Arriving

   Arrive With No Make-Up, No Lotion, No Perfume & No Deodorant

   Wear Dark, Loose-Fitting Clothing & Sandals

   Sweats Are Great – Jeans Are Not

   Avoid Bras, Boots & Anything Tight That May Streak Your Tan

   Avoid Wearing Watches, Jewelry & Wristbands

   Do Stay Calm & Bronze On

After Your Tanning Appointment

   Avoid Water, Rain, Sweating & Working Out For The Next 5-7 Hours

   After 5-7 Hours, Shower With Soap Only – No Loofah Scrub

   Do Not Exceed 24 Hours Without Showering

  Moisturize Daily With An Oil-Free Lotion To Maximize Your Tan’s Life

   Using A Great Moisturizer Is Important To Avoid Dry Skin & Un-Even Fading Of Your Tan

  We Suggest Alba Emollient Lotions (Found At WholeFoods & Sprouts)

   If You Want To Enjoy Consistent Color We Suggest An Appointment Once A Week

   Do Enjoy Every Minute Of Feeling Sexier & Slimmer